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First Aid Kit Small Case

First Aid Kit Small Case

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In times of need, swift action is crucial. That's why our Basic First Aid Kit is designed to provide immediate access to first aid essentials, all neatly packed in a transparent hard plastic case. With this clear case style, you can effortlessly spot and retrieve the necessary supplies, ensuring a rapid response to any unexpected situation.

Suitable for basic first aid
- 1 adhesive strips hypo allergenic,50’s
- 1 resealable 10cm x 18cm small
- 1 bag resealable 15cm x 23cm medium
- 1 bandage, compression 10cm (snakebite)
- 1 First Aid Quick Reference guide
- 2 Nitrile gloves (disposable) large
- 1 safety pins (assorted x 12)
- 1 scissors (disposable)
- 2 swabs antiseptic
- 1 Tape hypo-allergenic 1.25cm x 9cm
- 1 Triangular bandage 110cm x 110cm x 155cm
- 1 tweezers (metal) 8cm
- 1 wound dressing No. 15
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