Collection: Ambulance Kits

Introducing the Premier SJA PNG Basic Life Saving (BLS) Ambulance Kits, expertly crafted by Neann - Australia's foremost authority in emergency medical service equipment manufacturing. These kits, identical to those utilized in emergency ambulances across Papua New Guinea, embody the pinnacle of emergency preparedness and efficiency.

Rapid deployment: SJA’s exclusive custom range are designed for immediate recognition and rapid deployment in any critical situation. Whether stationed in ambulances, auxiliary units, or even work environments, these kits are tailored to ensure you are primed for an emergency response at a moment's notice.

Meticulous detail: Each kit is meticulously organized with clearly labeled pocket compartments, allowing for easy access to essential first aid and basic life-saving tools. This organization ensures that every piece of equipment is exactly where you need it when seconds count.

Heavy duty, lightweight: Crafted for utmost convenience, these kits are lightweight, compact, and designed for exceptional portability. This ensures that responders can move quickly and efficiently, without being weighed down by cumbersome equipment.

Supplied empty: **Please note: The kits showcased are supplied empty. We invite you to contact our sales team for information on packing and customization options. The SJA PNG BLS Ambulance Kits are available for purchase either as a complete set or individually, according to your needs.